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Pamphleteers questions.
Of all ages, in all civilizations, the greatest crime is it not always murder?

So how is it that possible in the 21st century, there are still states that do not meet this most basic standard?

Could it be that international laws have been enacted by leaders who sought to protect their own lives prior to their people?
Is it not time that the primary role of leaders is, to respect and protect the lives and quality of life for all citizens?
Is it not obvious that no innocent civilian can be killed, maimed or killed by the fault of any State, organization or person?
The people is it not sovereign?
Is it not time that the people vote the international standards that are above the laws and governments?
How long will it take for regulating the actions of leaders?
Is not it obvious that all states must enforce international pollution standards, so that no one is sickened, killed or murdered rather, by any kind of pollution source, anywhere on Earth?

Is not it obvious that the role of any State to ensure to all citizens, a place to live away from any area at risk of natural disaster (volcanic eruptions, flood zones, tsunami, tide, earthquake, hurricane or tsunami, landslide, etc.).. And that these risk areas, should be transformed into areas of natural parks, undeveloped or agricultural land, uninhabited.
Is not it obvious that any virtuous government must eliminate which can cause natural disasters, and even more, which can amplify them.
Is not it obvious that all governments must comply with the international criminal court? And, without trying to protect the citizens of any other country?
And finally, is it not obvious that politics is a too serious matter to be left in the hands of politicians?
And to let the governments enact their own laws that governments must follow is like asking criminals to decide the criminal code or to do the police themselves?
So who will vote the standards to which governments must comply? The governments themselves, or all citizens?
Yves Marineau




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